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Guitar Pro and Pepakura back online

As I got a little problem with Guitar Pro and Pepakura files with copyright violation, I have to remove the download link as I try to find any backup I have and found it.

Now both of the precious softwares is back online!

CLICK HERE to download Guitar Pro 5.2 Full Version
CLICK HERE to download Pepakura Designer v3.0.3a Full Version

Enjoy :D

Guitar Pro and Pepakura Unavailable

I'm sorry to anyone who have come here to download Guitar Pro and Pepakura because it's already been removed by mediafire. But don't worry, I'll find another good website to upload it again and share it here.

O2Mania English 1.0.1

Have you ever played O2Jam before? If you had, and you still missed the game no matter if it online or offline. Yeah I know that this is an old software but what if not all people know about it?

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Recently, I've been thinking to download Adobe Photoshop since I've just formatted my PC. When I busy searching, I've found a link to download Adobe Photoshop CS6 English plus Crack. I've try downloaded it and it worked perfectly. But unfortunately it's torrent and got so many leechers, so it's a little slow to download. But, I've made another package out of it.

The Festival of Ghost 2 O2Jam Music Files

For those O2Jam fans that still play O2Mania and wanted to play The Festival of Ghost 2 song so bad but you don't have it in your files and since it really hard to find on the internet, here I've found it at my local cyber cafe that still have O2Mania and The Festival of Ghost 2 music files, I've made a compress file out of it and upload it to my blog.