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O2Mania English 1.0.1

Have you ever played O2Jam before? If you had, and you still missed the game no matter if it online or offline. Yeah I know that this is an old software but what if not all people know about it?

CLICK HERE to download O2Mania English 1.0.1

- I think there's someone with the music taste like me, so I'm gonna include this song pack.

CLICK HERE to download Explosive (I - V) ojm/ojn files.

 - I've made another post for The Festival Of Ghost 2 ojm/ojn files earlier. Since it's a kind of hard searching for this song you better download it.

CLICK HERE to go there.

- To download the other songs, there is a blog offering you to download all the songs for free.

CLICK HERE to go there.

- If you're thinking about downloading any song/s you want individually, I've found a website that will allow you do that.

CLICK HERE to go there.
(Notice : The website is kind of down when I made this post, I don't know if the website just down only in my country or down completely, but I attach the link anyway just in case the website only download in my country.)


  1. Sorry for the delay. The song is sang by Miss A and the title is Breathe.