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Kamen Rider Kabuto

Now, I'm busy making Kamen Rider Kabuto costume. I'm not participating in any cosplay event but I'm gonna make it as a hobby. If I show you the costume now, you would call it as trash because I'm not done it yet. But pray for me ^.^.

For the first trial making this costume, I use cardboard to make it as base and wood filler to make it really hard. But it is a failure. I won't despair to that. I just try making it for the very first time and i won't give up.

And now for second trial. I use Pepakura as base and wood filler too to make it really hard. But this time I think I wanna use Resin to make it more harder. Pepakura is a software to print any 3D model and we have to attached it together after we printed it out. Here is the example of Pepakura on Kurosaki Ichigo hollow mask making.

This is when it still on Pepakura.

After you printed it and and apply it with bondo and resin and you've painted it, it'll be like this. I'll apply the same concept on making Kamen Rider Kabuto costume. I hope it'll done very soon.

Firstly, I'm sorry to tell you that I don't have the Ichigo Hollow Mask PDO file. This is just a display.
Secondly, for those who want the Kamen Rider PDO files, you can simply CLICK HERE for more info.


  1. do you mind sharing your pep for this one

  2. anyways if you feel sharing some of your peps heres my you,,by the way good job.cant wait to see your latest work

  3. you want peps file for Kamen Rider Kabuto or Ichigo Hollow Mask? I have Kamen Rider Kabuto helmet only but I don't have Ichigo Hollow Mask. You can download more Kamen Rider peps file here Read carefully :) oh and about my latest work, it's also a failure ==" and that's my third attempt after the first and second attempt also fail. But I'm not gonna stop trying again and again. When I get it done soon I'll post about it :D. It's just the matter of time. And again the link,

  4. do u have kamen rider kabuto full armor pdo files??

  5. hmm... I'm sorry... I only have the helmet and the chest only.

  6. bro..ada fb tak..ada benda nk tny..:)

  7. Ada2.