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The Festival of Ghost 2 O2Jam Music Files

For those O2Jam fans that still play O2Mania and wanted to play The Festival of Ghost 2 song so bad but you don't have it in your files and since it really hard to find on the internet, here I've found it at my local cyber cafe that still have O2Mania and The Festival of Ghost 2 music files, I've made a compress file out of it and upload it to my blog.

What you gonna do just click the link below to download it.
CLICK HERE to download The Festival of Ghost 2 O2jam music files.


  1. thanks! it's true that it's damn hard to find it in the o2mania website...this really helps ^^

  2. Thanks. I just want to share any file that's hard to find. I'll help as long as I can.

  3. Thank you for your help, good sir.