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Guitar Pro 5.2 Download Full Version

Hi newbie guitarist. Here I want to share something that could help you play guitar. The software name is Guitar Pro v5.2. If you've already know this software and already know that this software has more latest version that 5.2, here I want to tell the difference between version 5.2 below and 6.0 above.

Ok, the difference between these two version is (as far as I know), the user interface and the theme. I haven't tried yet for GP v6.0 but I've saw the user interface and the theme. For me, it is a little hard to understand the user interface for someone that already used with GP v5.2 below. And for me, I'd like to learn old song more than new song so the tab files are for GP v5.2 below. I hope you enjoy with this software. Here some preview for GP v6.0 startup image.

the theme for this version is way cooler

CLICK HERE to download Guitar Pro 5.2 Full Version.
CLICK HERE to download some System Of A Down Guitar Pro tabs.

Note : The S.O.A.D tabs package does not have all S.O.A.D song in there. The songs in there is just what I used to play. If you want to download another songs, you can CLICK HERE and search your songs there if available.


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