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Inna Amazing Guitar Pro Tab

Recently, I've been searching for Inna - Amazing Guitar Pro Intro tablature but I can't find it for Guitar Pro. All I found just for chords and Tabs. I think Tabs is another software to learn guitar just like Guitar Pro but I'm not sure. Ok, as I try to find the Guitar Pro tablature and since I can't find it all over the internet. I decide to just make it myself. Long story short, I just convert whatever format they have into Guitar Pro Tab.

The source for the tone I get from is HERE but since I don't know slide down, slide up, hammer on, pull off and etc. code there, I just try adding any effects that will make it sound like Inna - Amazing intro. The result was not exactly like the original, but when you play it, you can just adjust the gap between a note to another like a boss.

CLICK HERE to download Inna - Amazing Guitar Pro tab.


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