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A few years ago, I've been informed that MEGAUPLOAD file sharing storage website had been blocked in my country, so I've found a way to bypass it. For the tutorial, you can CLICK HERE to go there if some website had been blocked only in your country.

Back there when I was still in school, I've try this method to bypass from my school security to Facebook. It works. So, why don't you try this at your school? :D Just don't tell your teacher that you learned that from this blog. Ok, I've already drifted from the top topic.

Here's the thing, I've made a post about sharing full Adobe Photoshop CS2, but unfortunately, I uploaded the file at Megaupload. A couple month ago, I've been informed by my friend that Megaupload has been completely blocked or the right word is banned in entire country on this earth. So, now I've just remember that I've made a post with a sharing file uploaded at Megaupload.

What I loved most about Megaupload is their user interface. It's just as easy as ABC. For those who don't know or don't even once uploaded their sharing file on Megaupload, here I put a picture of Megaupload homepage.

Here, easy is it? For those who already know how to upload files into Megaupload storage website, let's refresh our memory. So, what am I trying to do now is re-upload any files that I still have at me into another file sharing storage website. The second one that I love is MEDIAFIRE.

Mediafire now has been blocked from being search at Google, but the website still on. So, I'll just gonna re-upload the files into Mediafire. Mediafire got quite a complicated way to upload files. But I've used to it. So, wait for the update I'm gonna make.

Here an extra info, for the Adobe Photoshop CS2 full download, you can CLICK HERE to go to the post. Don't worry about the language, I'll change it as soon as possible. For now, just find any link in the post and click it. Haha. But, unfortunately Mediafire doesn't accept any file larger than 200mb to upload it, so I just use Google Docs.

Oh, one more thing, I know it has been so long about banned Megaupload, but I just remember that I have a post with sharing file on Megaupload. Luckily someone reported to me about this. So, I'm not a slow poke.


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