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HJ-Split Tutorial

Now I'm making this tutorial for who doesn't know how to use HJ-Split. Most of HJ-Split usage is to join any .001 with .002 files together and the most of the joining purpose is for movies files. You can download HJ-Split for Windows here. For other than Windows user, you can search for HJ-Split that compatible with your OS here.

1. Create a new folder and move the part files you've downloaded into that folder.

2. Double-click on HJ-Split.exe.

3. Click on Join.

4. Click on Input File and search for .001 files that you've moved into the folder.

5. Let the Output space blank and click start.

6. Wait for the joining to complete. Then go to the folder you've create earlier. The movies is there now.

*If you have more than .002 files for example you have .001, .002, .003 & .004, don't worry, just copy all the part into the new folder. This program will automatically find and join all the parts together.


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